Course Description

Technical drawing in computer is introduced. Coordinate systems  are necessary to draw easily in electronic environment. All geometric entities such as lines arc, circles are necessary to be practiced in many examples. Then projection types in 2 Dimension are explained. The basic one multiview projection is focused to draw 3 Dimensional objects in 2 Dimension. Sectional viewv, detail views and auxilary views are all sub sections of multiview projection. Finally dimensioning and Text on graphics are discussed. Block implementation and layout arrangement in paper space are shown in detail. The last part of the course is related to 3 Dimensional solid modeling. Creating solids, modifying solids and composite solids are taught. Creating technical drawing from solids and dimensioning in paper space are the last topics in the course.


Text Book Engineering Graphics (8th Edition) (Hardcover) by Frederick E Giesecke (Author), Alva Mitchell (Author), Henry C Spencer (Author), Ivan Leroy Hill (Author), John T Dygdon (Author), James E. Novak (Author), R. O. Loving (Author)


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Computer Program: Autocad 2006 Student version is available for students only

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Lecture Contents

1. What is technical drawing

2. Line types Lettering

3. Geometric Entities

4. Projection Methods

5. Sectioning

6. Detail Views

7. Auxiliary Views

8. Dimensioning

9. Paper space

10. Solid Modeling

Grading Policy

Each week class drawing                             %40 

homewroks (Hand Drawings/Sketching)           %15

Projects                                                    %15

Final Exam                                                 %30



Students are supposed to come to each lecture. At the end of each lecture there will be an exam related to preview lecture. The exams will be drawing on computer.


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