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The aims of this course are to provide the concepts, procedures, data and decision analysis necessary to design machine elements commonly used mechanical devices and systems, with particular emphasis on selection of materials, design of mechanical drives systems, and various assembly techniques of importance to mechatronic engineering systems


Shigley's Mechanical Engineering Design (Mcgraw-Hill Series in Mechanical Engineering)

Text Book

Shigley's Mechanical Engineering Design (Mcgraw-Hill Series in Mechanical Engineering)
Richard Budynas (Author), J. Keith Nisbett (Author)

The eighth edition of Shigley's Mechanical Engineering Design maintains the basic approaches that have made this book the standard in machine design for over 40 years. At the same time it combines the straightforward focus on fundamentals instructors have come to expect with a modern emphasis on design and new applications. Overall coverage of basic concepts are clear and concise so that readers can easily navigate key topics. This edition includes a new case study to help illuminate the complexities of shafts and axles and a new finite elements chapter. Problem sets have been improved, with new problems added to help students progressively work through them. The book website includes ARIS, which is a homework management system that will have 90 algorithmic problems.



Statics, Strength, Machine Design ı


Prof Dr Bülent Ekici      

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Lecture Contents

10 Mechanical Springs
11 Rolling-Contact Bearings
12 Lubrication and Journal Bearings
13 Gears - General
14 Spur and Helical Gears
15 Bevel and Worm Gears
16 Clutches, Brakes, Couplings and Flywheels
17 Flexible Mechanical Elements
18 Power Transmission Case Study
Part IV--Analysis Tools
19 Finite-Element Analysis
20 Statistical Considerations

A Useful Tables
B Solutions to Selected Problems

Grading Policy

Major exam #1            %30  average of first 6 grade

Major exam #2            %30  average of last 4 grade

Project                       %10

Final Exam                  %30


Attendance %70

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