ME 513 s Mechanics of Composite Materials








Course Description

The objective of this book is Macro and micro investigations of mechanics of composite materials is to address the three basic questions of composite materials and structures.


Text Book Mechanics Of Composite Materials, Second Edition (Materials Science & Engineering Series) (Hardcover)
Robert Jones (Author)



Statics, Strength, Machine Design, Advanced Strength of

materials and applied elasticity



Prof Dr BŁlent Ekici      

Room: Mc 570


Tel: 0216-3480292 561

Office Hours 

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Lecture Contents

Table of Contents

  Preface to the Third Edition  
  Preface to the First Edition  
  The Authors  
Ch. 1 Introduction 1
Ch. 2 Macromechanicss of laminae 3
Ch. 3 Micromechanics of laminae 79
Ch. 4 Macromechanics of laminate 173
Ch. 5 Bneding vibration and buckling of composite 217
Ch. 6 Optimization of composites 348
  Appendix: Matrices 537
  Answer to Problems 543
  References 550


Grading Policy

Major exam #1                        %30  average of first 6 grade

Major exam #2                        %30  average of last 4 grade

Project                                  %10

Final Exam                              %30


Students are supposed to come to each lecture.


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